Exchange and support in life-crises

Here we are planting the seed for a new online community, a community where we support each other in the big and small changes and challenges in our lives. So it’s going to be a real social network and you can be part of it. Please come back soon.

This website has just been completely revised and been established on a new platform. That's why there are still some areas where there's content missing. As this is my heart-project that i am working on alone, I kindly ask you for your patience and to come back soon.

My crisis was the best that could happen to me!

Many people in my earlier network were completely puzzled and absolutely did not understand me. Shaken by a severe crisis, I have drastically changed my life which then brought me much closer to myself and to happiness. It needs some courage and at best some support. The latter you get here, the courage you have to bring yourself.


Do you feel that your life doesn’t quite fit you anymore?

This is your CHANCE to get information and inspiration on what to do.

Meet like-minded people and start your new life today.

Burn Out?

Do you give more than your resources offer?

Then maybe it’s time for some changes.

Here you’ll get support to find back to your own personal path.

Come in!

We are in the process of creating a group of consciously living people with the desire to share life experiences and to support each other in our change processes.

We do this by talking- and coaching circles both, virtual and later maybe also in real-life, as well as through exchange on this website.