Peter Servatius, Wildheart-Center

My name is Peter Servatius, I was born around the middle of the 1960s and in my eventful, beautiful life I was allowed to raise four children, and two of them are my biological. I am from Germany and live in the wonderful nature of central Denmark with my wife Brigitte and our dog “Drover” who is an Australian Shepherd.

I am an honest, impulsive, very sensitive person, with a good intuition and a strong connection to my emotions. I am a multipotentialite, a chameleon soul, who do not fit into any box. My highest value in life is freedom, besides tolerance, respect and honesty. I like authentic people who walk their talk and I love to meet people from different places of the world.

Flaws to strengths

It took me a while to love on me what people usually call flaws:

Being stubborn – this also makes me following my very own path and makes it easy for me to adapt to changes.

Being a perfectionist – which enables me to create wonderful things, like e.g. my drums & rattles.


My challenges at the moment are, that after a couple of hard years and intense self-development, I got a little too serious and I definitely need to laugh some more. Also, I am working on getting less busy, which is difficult for me, because my creativity makes me to want to do more than I can manage in an easy way. In other words, my days would need to be 36 hours or so.

I make my living mainly with an allround craftsman service “Peter’s Helping Hands” and together with my future wife, Birgitte, I run Wildheart-Center (, which will be a place for personal development of kids and adults.

Found my path

21 years ago I started to look seriously into Native American traditions and 15 years ago, I found my soul-home in the Blackfoot tradition. Last year I intensified my bond to the Blackfoot tradition and made a commitment, that changed again a lot in my life to the positive.

Occupational background

My occupational background is a solid apprenticeship as mechanic. Later I studied and got a degree in engineering on associate level. I am able to nearly repair everything and have developed good leadership skills. In 2012 I took an education as hypnotherapist, I do some shamanic work and sometimes the spirits use me as a tool for their healing. I love to introduce people to the power of drumming and I give drum building seminars on different places of the world. If you are interested to see more about my drums, please take a look at:


After setting up a successful company with a subsidiary in the US and being CEO in 3 companies, I changed my life in 2004, when I found myself in a midlife-crisis. Since then, my heartfelt wish is, to inform people about midlife-crisis and to help people through their midlife-crisis. Since I found, that this crisis was really the greatest chance in my life, I named my project “Midlife-Chance”. At the moment I am working on this website, where people can meet, share experiences and help each other through their difficult times, to turn their own crisis into their greatest chance in life.