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Crisis + Changes = Chance!

Yes, the formula for your Midlife-Chance is that simple. Your crisis is the greatest chance to transform your life, if you are willing to make the necessary changes. All you need to make that shift is courage, endurance and support. The latter you get here, the courage and endurance you have to bring yourself.

Support Network Around Midlife-Crises

No matter what age you are, no matter if you already are through your crisis, still in a crisis or if you want to avoid getting into such, you are not alone and you came to the right place. This is a community, a real social network, where we support each other before, in and after our life crises, so we can turn the crisis into a chance. We do this mainly by sharing our life experiences, by talking- and coaching circles, both virtual and later also in real-life.
I guess you came here because you are seeking to improve your life, which was the first good step. Now you are only one more step away from creating the life that you want, so register here or get more information below. 

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Advantages for registered members:

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-Access to support groups
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In Midlife-Crisis?

Do you feel that your life doesn’t quite fit you anymore? Did you loose your personal path? Then maybe it’s time for some changes.
We are like-minded people who will support you.

Already through your crisis?

Congratulations! You went through a crisis and got something good out of it? It would be so great if you would join us and share your experiences, so others can benefit from these.

Not yet in crisis?

Lucky you! You are still at the right place. Get some inspiration on how to avoid your crisis or maybe share your success about how you managed to stay out of crises.

Make your life-crisis your best life-transformation!

If you deal with your crisis in a positive way, you can make it a woderfuld transformation of your life, and we will help you to do so. Midlife-chance is all about sharing our experiences, so we can all grow together. Here is an example of four people who share some of their experiences:

From alcohol, drugs and partying to real life

It was early in my life, really early. And that was good. I managed to turn my life around at a pretty young age. I turned from a life of using drugs, alcohol and partying into a meaningful and happy life of continuous self development. It took some firm decisions, some guidance and the will to make the best out of my life.

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Your inspiring story here?

We are still looking for some inspiring stories. Should yours be published here?
Your story can make a big difference in someone else’s life and writing down your story, at the same time, carries healing for you, simply by writing it. Your story can be published with your name or anonymous, with or without your picture, however you want it to be.

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Peter Servatius - Founder of Midlife-Chance

A midlife crisis was the best that could happen to me!

For me it was more than one trigger that started my crisis. I was what people usually call “successful”, a business man with a really good income etc. But I found that I had lost some of what I truly am, of what’s important for me and my higher self. With some courage and endurance, I changed my life so much to the better and now live a balanced and satisfying life.

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Ready to give or receive support? Or are you just curious?

Then come in and join us. Life is so uplifting, if we support each other. No matter if you can give or receive, sharing and helping is powerful and you can make a big difference in somebody’s life.

Peter Servatius - Founder of Midlife-Chance