Site ethics

The Base: Tolerance, respect and honesty

These are the most important values for what we ask you when you are active on Midlife-Chance. In our opinion these are the most important things people need when they are dealing with other people. If we would all live your life according to these three words we would basically need no other rules. However, we still think it’s necessary to write down some guidelines here for the use of Midlife-Chance.


Our values are development, joy and inspiration to you, personally and professionally. We are authentic, honest and trusting people. Members with the goal to create a portal with a high level of integrity that will advance positive thoughts, feelings and actions in order to support each member in its own and unique development process. On that ground we support diversity to create space for new teachings, exchange of opinions and for creativity. Every contact among each other on Midlife-Chance is based on an open, friendly and respectful communication.

Ethic guidelines

We are individually responsible for what we choose to be a part of our experiences. Therefore, be conscious and selective when you use Midlife-Chance. As a user you are committed to a friendly and respectful communication with other members. Negative opinions that are directed personally towards other members, as well as disrespect for author’s contents and standpoints in form of emotional expressions such as sarcasm and anger, are not welcome on Midlife-Chance.

Choose to comment on other peoples texts only when you are sure you can contribute to the topic in a constructive and inspiring way. It is essential that you ensure yourself that it is the TOPIC you chose to debate, so that you avoid being disrespectful towards the person behind the words. Obtain from being judgemental or from evaluating other people’s standpoints or experiences and please keep in mind that your experiences might be able to inspire others but are not necessarily valid for everybody. We all have our own reality and that must be respected.

We ask you to be aware of that on Midlife-Chance members are writing about personal thoughts and feelings, which can make us vulnerable in relation to thoughtless comments. Words in writing often contain much more room for misunderstandings than when we speak with each other and know each other in real life. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read your comment thoroughly before you press the “send” button, so that you can ensure that the essence of your comment is respectful and inspiring for the receiver.

Short hints:

Be honest to yourself and to others
Be authentic, be human
Be open and also cautious
Be respectful and be kind
Be clear about what you wish for and let go of your expectations
Trust your Intuition
Every action, every choice you make is your responsibility alone
It is here like in real life: The more you invest, the more you get out of it.


If you encounter comments or messages that are not living up to our ethic guidelines and/or are of negative character, we encourage you not to answer these, but instead to send us a note. We will then take care of it, according to the terms ans conditions.

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