How does it work?

It’s easy

Midlife-Chance is a support community, a gathering of conscious living people who are in some ways related to the topic midlife crisis. At Midlife-Chance you will, in a protected space, get support from people in our community and/or you can give support to others by sharing your experiences or hearing about others experiences.

Your story / experience wanted

We especially appreciate if you send your personal story and your experiences on how you solved issues in your life, so that your story can inspire others. Everything that  comes from your heart and might help others is appreciated. You can choose, if you want to have your name published or not.

Your engagement will make a difference

Everyone of us has a story to tell. Your personal story has a huge potential to be very helpful to other members here at Midlife-Chance. At the same time, just writing your story down will be a healing process in it self.

Join our groups and interact with other members

As a registered member of Midlife-Chance, you will be able to interact with other members, as you will get access to our supportive groups. There’s also gender specific groups, where you can meet solely with people of your gender.

It’s completely free, donations are appreciated

If you want to join Midlife-Chance you just need to register for a free membership. After the registration is finished and confirmed you can join this real social platform, with its family spirit, its groups and many information. 

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to keep this website going. You can easily show your appreciation for this project with your donation. Please click here to donate.

Future vision

My future vision for this real social network will be to create peer-group-circles, where 4 or 6 people will create a support group. These support groups will frequently meet online in order to support each other in their growth process.

Later, I would like to support people to create real life meeting places in many places on the world where people in personal development or with experiences about these topics can meet in person, open up to each others and in this way directly support.

Wanna see who is behind Midlife-Chance?

Please Support Our Important Mission

Your generous donation to Midlife-Chance will make a big difference on our mission to to support people on their journey in life.