The Chance

“We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning,
for what was great in the morning will be little at evening
and what in the morning was true,
at evening will have become a lie.”

C.G. Jung

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Do you no longer feel comfortable with your life? Are you more and more looking for the deeper meaning in your life or are you wondering whether this is all there is to it? These can be symptoms that you are in front of a midlife-crisis or already in a midlife-crisis.

However, used appropriately this “crisis” can offer the wonderful chance of a new beginning in our lives. Therefore I decided to call it “Midlife-Chance”.

Imagine your crisis like a glow stick. You need to break the glow stick on the inside, before it can start glowing. That’s exactly what this phase in life is for, to get us to start glowing in our true self.

Each of us has or will go through this phase, one way or another. At this time in life, we have already made many experiences. These are often the reason that we see and seek our vocation under new aspects.

With our accumulated experience, open heart and a reorientation which builds on our real vocation, our true self, we have the chance to live the afternoon of our life intensively and in a new way.

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