Who’s behind?

Peter Servatius, Wildheart-Center

My name is Peter Servatius, I was born in 1964 and in my eventful, beautiful life I was blessed with two biological kids and 4 step-kids. I am from Germany and live in the wonderful nature of central Denmark with my wife Brigitte and our dog “Drover” who is an Australian Shepherd.

I am an honest, impulsive, very sensitive person, with a good intuition and a strong connection to my emotions. I am a multipotentialite, a chameleon soul, who does not fit into any box. My highest value in life are freedom and peace, besides tolerance, respect and honesty. I like authentic people who walk their talk and I love to meet people from all kind of different places of the world.

Flaws to strengths

It took me a while to love on me what people usually call flaws:
Being stubborn – this also makes me following my very own path and makes it easy for me to adapt to changes.
Being a perfectionist – which I have replaced with “selective perfectionism”, where I live the perfectionism in self-choosen situations, wich for example enables me to create wonderful drums & rattles.


My challenges at the moment are, that after a couple of hard years and intense self-development, I got a little too serious and I definitely need to laugh some more. Also, I am working on getting less busy, which is difficult for me, because my creativity makes me to want to do more than I can manage in an easy way. In other words, my days sometimes would need to be 36 hours or so.

Found my path

In 1998 I started to look seriously into Native American traditions and since 2004, I found my soul-home in the Blackfoot tradition. Then, in 2018, I intensified my bond to the Blackfoot tradition and made a commitment, that again changed a lot in my life to the positive.

How i make a living

Well, I make my living mainly with an allround craftsman service “Peter’s Helping Hands” as well as intuitive personal consulting, some shamanic work, drumbuilding (selling and building seminars) and drumming workshops, mainly to open people’s hearts. Together with my wife, I run Wildheart-Center (www.wildheart-center.com), which is a place for personal development of kids and adult people as well as my drumming related activities.

Occupational background

My occupational background is a solid apprenticeship as mechanic. Later I studied and got a degree in engineering on associate level. I am able to nearly repair everything and have developed good leadership skills. In 2012 I took an education as hypnotherapist, I do some shamanic work and sometimes the spirits use me as a tool for their healing. I love to introduce people to the power of drumming and I give drum building seminars on different places of the world. If you are interested to see more about my drums, please take a look at: www.eagledrummer.com


After setting up a successful company in Germany with a subsidiary in the US and being CEO in 3 companies, I changed my life in 2004, when I found myself in my own midlife-crisis. Since then, my heartfelt wish is, to inform people about midlife-crisis and to help people through their midlife-crisis. Since I found, that this crisis was really the greatest chance in my life, I named my project “Midlife-Chance”. And here we are…

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