Peter’s Heart-Beads, No. 001 – Introduction & Explanations

What are these Heart-Beads about? Here are the answers. This very first of Peter's Heart-Beads is simply about an introduction and some explanations about this series of videos. All this is inspired by my own midlife crisis.

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Hello and a warm welcome to Peter’s Heart-Beads, a series of really simple life hacks brought to you by Midlife-Chance, the support network around midlife crisis.

My name is Peter, and in this first video of my heart-bead series, I want to give you a short introduction and some explanations about me, my life, about these videos.

I turned my crisis into a chance – and so can you. This series of videos is especially made for you to support you on that journey.  So that you too can get the best out of your crisis, or in the very best case, these videos reach you so early that your changes in life don’t even become a crisis. That would be really, really great.

Since a very young age, I always looked deeper at life, deeper at myself, deeper at relationships. And even though I was living quite close to my heart, I still bumped into a midlife crisis in 2004. And since that time, I even worked more intensive on my life. I changed a lot, I – Learned, I failed, I learned some more, made some funny things, and all in all, I gained quite a lot of experiences. And some of these I now am going to share with you. To support you on your own journey in life. Believe me, that journey can be really, really challenging sometimes. But when I look back at my own journey, I can clearly say it was worth every single tear that I cried. And it was many.

These videos, Peter’s Heart-Beads, I want to keep these videos short down to the point, easy to understand and easy to follow.

I don’t see myself as a teacher, as I believe that we all have our own inner teacher inside of us. I see myself more as an inspirer, a person who puts up road signs on the road trip through life. Where I put up some signs and you, on your own journey through life, you choose which ones you want to follow.

My deepest wish is to inspire you, to inspire many people, to reach people all over the world. I choose the title heartbeat’s because by the sound of it, it has a double meaning. It sounds a little bit like the heartbeat from the beating heart, as these videos come from my heart. I believe that’s the best way to transmit things. And then I choose the word beads, like these little pearls where you make nice beadwork from. I choose this word beads because I want you to only pick the beads that you really like, the ones that touches you, the ones that resonate with you, the ones that you really feel good about. Take these beads, put them on the string and make something really, really wonderful for your own life out of it.

Back to my own crisis. In that time I often felt alone. In that time, my – then existing social network, family, friends, most of them did not understand what was going on with me. How can he leave this wonderful job? How can you drop this great salary? How can you drop all this security? And some of them even thought I got crazy. And, what helped me most in this time, what was very, very important was the exchange with other understanding people. That was extremely helpful and supportive. Mostly people who have gone themselves through a midlife crisis. And that’s the reason why I created the online network Midlife-Chance, which is a support network around the topic midlife crisis.

So if all this touches you. You are welcome to join Midlife-Chance. You’re welcome to follow these heartbeats, and I hope that you find some inspiration. And I hope that you find things that feels good to you so that you want to follow. I wish you all the best on your journey in life and. May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future. See you.

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