Shamanic work saved me in my crisis and from anxiety

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Hello, my name is Sandra. I am 31 years old, married and have a son. 10 years ago my life changed suddenly. Unfortunately for the negative. I suddenly got anxiety and panic attacks. I had no idea how or why this had to happen to me. Something fundamental was supposed to change in my life, did not know it at that time. A time of fear began. Pure fear. I should go through my very own little hell.

I suddenly felt physically very bad. I felt like a chased animal and couldn’t sleep any more. This agonizing time should last about 2 years. I lost weight down to 41 kilos. No idea why. I couldn’t live a normal life anymore. I hardly left the apartment, had ended up twice in the hospital. I could not really sleep anymore. Got depressions, panic attacks, was very unstable, had nightmares and claustrophobia. My body went crazy. I had back pain all the time, my heart was racing day and night. And these are just a few examples of what went on.

I kept asking myself: WHY? I got no answer. I ran from doctor to doctor, but no one could help me. Then one night I thought I was going to die. I got dressed and rushed through the streets of my home village. If I should die today, then I want to experience nature one last time. I did NOT die. After an hour of running in the middle of the night, I went home and fell asleep crying.

Then, eventually, one day it turned out that I have an autoimmune disease of my thyroid. I was so angry because in the 2 years I suspected this very often. But no one took me seriously. You just have depressions, they told me, you should just take medication, including sleeping pills. But I didn’t wanted that. I knew instinctively that there was a different reason causing all this. And so it was.

I was given medication and after a few weeks I felt a little better. However, I was still depressed … Well, since I don’t like that word very much, I call it “Great Sadness”. Why this heaviness? I have no idea… 
So I decided to go into therapy. I went there weekly for another 2 years. Then I was released as “cured”. A few quieter years followed, where I was allowed to lead a normal life.

I got pregnant when I was 27. It was a wish for a long time and I was delighted to be able to become a mom soon. However, things turned out differently…
The birth was anything but pleasant. There were some complications and I was scared to death. In the months that followed, I was overcome by this immense sadness again. My confidence was completely gone. Destroyed. I couldn’t love my child! Just why?? So I went to therapy again.

After a few months I felt a little better. But something was wrong. There was still something deeper going on. I knew I still had something to do. How could I get hold of this deep sadness? Through fortunate circumstances (there are no coincidences!) I got in touch with a completely different method. The shamanic energetic work. That was the turning point for me. (With the help of this work, your own potential and talents are rediscovered and activated again. Self-healing can begin. If you listen, listen carefully to your inner voice, you know what yearnings you have, and what talents. There is no reason not to live these!)

Instinctively, I knew immediately that my problems would now be solved. It felt so right. However, it was not easy to really let go of the old fears! It takes some courage. But when you have already come that low, what do you have to lose?

It would simply be too much to write down all of my very touching experiences during this time. I released a lot of mental blockages, so-called “black spots of the soul”, was freed from energies which did not belong to me (people who could not yet go into the light) and I was allowed to start a whole new life. All the old ballast that accumulates in the course of a lifetime has been processed and dismantled.

It really sounds too good to be true. But in my opinion, there is no better method to look into all corners and deepest furrows of the soul. I feel better every day and through these wonderful gifts I even regained my trust in God. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

The greatest gift is now a second baby that I am currently carrying in my womb. I firmly believe that it is another gift from God.

Of course, I am not completely healed or even “enlightened” and I don’t walk the world without any problems. It would be too naive to assume that. Life is hard work. You have to work on yourself all your life and new problems arise again and again. However, I can confidently say that I am doing a lot better. Better than ever. The great sadness was allowed to go!

I’m tinkering with a book in which I write down all my experiences in more detail. With this short version I would like to encourage all those who are feeling really bad, who are desperate, just like me.

There is always a way out!! You have to have the courage to face your problems and start working on them. Then it can only get better. Let go of this crippling fear that is holding you back. If you then, after doing this work, manage to tackle your problems, it becomes brighter in your soul from day to day!

Kind greetings to everyone!

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