“One twig might bend – but the bundle always remains strong!”

Midlife-Chance is that bundle, that helps you staying strong

We are all here to support each other in the best and positive way. Since thousands of years people were living in communities, because they knew that a strong community makes life easier, safer and better.
Here’s what Midlife-Chance stands for:

There is so much value in the exchange with people who are in the same situation or who already have been through their crisis. The exchange with others offers so many opportunities to grow and doing that work together, makes it a lot easier. Even if you have never been in a life crisis, you can easily learn from other members about how to avoid a crisis.

You are not alone! In a community like ours here, things get much easier to carry. Here in our groups it’s about getting support and giving support among our open hearted members.

No matter where you are in your life, before, in or through a midlife-crisis, you can get a lot of inspiration here, and your story has the potential to inspire somebody else.

The solutions for one person might not work for you, but somebody else here might have exactly the spark, that lights the fire in you and help you on your way in life. We are all on a unique path in life, but there’s always inspiration in someone else’s path.

There is great healing power simply in writing our story down. We are reflecting by writing, we are processing by writing and by sharing, we become the lighthouse in someone else’s story.

Your participation here is highly appreciated and important for this growing community of understanding and supportive people. Don’t think you are too small or that your story doesn’t matter. Every experience counts and single word from you here, can have a huge impact on another person.

Please Support Our Important Mission

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