About Midlife-Chance

Our Mission: Turn Crises into Chances

The mission of Midlife-Chance is to create awareness about midlife crisis and to reach people all over the world, to turn their crises into chances.
Midlife-Chance and all it’s users are focused on two important things:

  1. Support each other through our crises in life, mainly focused on midlife-crisis.
  2. Informing people about midlife-crisis, so that neccessary adjustments in life don’t even require a crisis.

Our offer to you

  1. Information about life crises
  2. Practical hints and teachings
  3. Exchange with other members in several groups
  4. Soon: Exchange in small support groups via Zoom

Status Quo

We are pretty much at the beginning of our journey in supporting people all over the world. But already today, you can make a difference with your experiences and your story. It would be an honor if you join our community in order to get or receive support. We can all learn from each other and you story might be extremely inspiring for somebody else.

Please spread the word

Maybe Midlife-Chance does not really touch you or you might simply not be interested to engage. That’s perfectly fine. -Just please consider spreading the word about Midlife-Chance. Why? Because someone you know might be suffering silently in his/her crises and our community might be the rescue for that person. It only takes a minute of your time, but that one minute can change someone else’s life.

Your benefits as a member (all free of charge):

Midlife-Chance member benefits
Midlife-Chance member benefits

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Please Support Our Important Mission

Your generous donation to Midlife-Chance will make a big difference on our mission to to support people on their journey in life.