Prevention of a Midlife-Crisis

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Understanding a midlife-crisis

Such crises mostly occur when we have moved too far away from our higher self, from our true, original path. We all have a wonderful and unique path in front of us when we enter life in this body. Then, over the years, we get strongly conditioned by our surroundings, by parents, by friends, by teachers, by society, by media or other people in our life. More and more we tend to slip away from our original beliefs, values and strength, away from our true selves. If we give in to these conditionings, there will come a time when life reminds us to make a shift back to our true selves.

Big dreams, where do they go?

How many of us had BIG dreams as a kid? How many wanted to be an astronaut, a pilot, a singer or an actor/actress? And how fast was our surroundings there to tell us why that would not work and why our capabilities were not good enough and, and, and. Many of us were not strong enough to resist the resistance and the conditionings, which is absolutely understandable. That was the time when we lost our true path, the path of our heart. That’s the point where start moving straight into a crisis, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Stay true to who and what you really are

That’s the only way to completely avoid your midlife-crisis. If we would learn from our early childhood on, that the heart shows the way and the mind is there to put it into action, then we could completely avoid this kind of life crises.

Our heart knows the way!

Yes, our heart knows the way – always! The clue is, to listen to our heart and to trust in it, even if our ego tells us something different. While our mind is tricking us, cheating, lying and do tons of things to move us into a certain direction, our heart is always 100% true, honest and right. Our heart only knows love or non-love. That’s it! If we learn to listen to the soft and gentle voice of our heart, we will always be on the path that is right for us.

No other way!

If we really want to live a happy, healthy and balanced life, then there is no other way than to follow our hearts. Our higher self won’t tolerate to be ignored in the long run. If we don’t follow, then life will send us signals. First these will be small and gentle signals. If we don’t listen, the signals will get louder and louder. If we still don’t listen, the signals will get names. And these names will be depression, stroke, heart attack or cancer.

Start as early as possible

If you really want to avoid a midlife-crisis, then you need to start as early as possible to really dive into your personal higher self and to constantly check if your decisions feel right or not. Then you need the courage to adjust your life accordingly and you will live as happy as possible. I don’t mean to tell you that you won’t have problems, that’s a different thing, but you will definitely not end up in a substantial life crisis.

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