Detection of a Midlife-Crisis

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A great chance in life!

Here’s some information about how you can find out if you are in a Midlife-Crisis. We at Midlife-Chance think that if you use your Midlife-Crisis in a good way, it might take you to your next level, a higher level in life. It can lead you to a happier life and a life much closer to your true self.

Not an illness

Midlife-Crisis is not a psychical illness but it can lead into a psychical illness (e.g. depression), if you do not properly deal with it. If you are in doubt, you should contact a specialist who is experienced in these topics. There are some general signs you might want to look at. First of all a Midlife-Crisis occurs most likely at the age between 35 and 45 years.  Being in that age and feeling for a longer period out of energy, or if you generally question your life until today that can be signs that you are in a Midlife-Crisis. The following statements might help you to figure out if you are in a Midlife-Crisis:

What does match you?

  • I feel uncontent, unhappy or fearful since quite a longer time.
  • I ask myself frequently if there is anything else for me in my life.
  • I ask myself frequently who I truly am.
  • I am searching for a new meaning in my life.
  • I want to feel more alive and to experience new adventures.
  • I don’t like my work anymore.
  • I feel constricted and not free.
  • I feel like being choked in routine and habits of everyday life.
  • I want to do something new, something extraordinary.
  • My physical conditions are getting weaker and this is hard for me to accept.
  • I feel like leaving everything behind, my work, my family etc.
  • I have a hard time enjoying my free time and the things I liked so far.

Don’t worry!

The more of these statements are true for you, the more likely is it that you actually are in a Midlife-Crisis. Don’t worry, a lot of people have gone through this in a good way and you can become one of these people, if you act careful. This is one of your greatest chances in life and you too can turn this crisis into something good.

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