Helpful Tools in Midlife-Crisis

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A very simple formula and the most important rule for any of our obstacles in life. When things get tiring and you might be worn out, it’s important to take a rest from time to time, but you should never ever give up. There is som much beauty and happiness waiting for your beyond your crisis and it’s really worth doing a big effort to get there. When you are in the middle of your hard times, it might not look like there is better times coming, but they will come if you persevere, I know that from my own experience.

Yes, you read it right! Your crisis is the starting gun for the greatest shift in your life, where you can find your true authentic self and to live a life happier than you ever expected.

It takes a lot of quiet time, solitude and attentiveness to establish a better contact to ourselves. And it’s the strong contact to ourself, that will lead our way out of the crisis. Only by understanding ourselves, we will enable us to adjust our life to our true inner core, our wild heart, our true and individual path in life.

This is one easy and effective way to deal with any kind of crisis. You are not alone and together with others, it’s much easier to accomplish any task. So open up towards your family and friends and find those among them who are understanding. If you don’t find one inside of that circle, expand the circle and see for contacts outside. You will soon find that there are many people out there who have experienced similar things in their lives and who are willing to share and support.


Already here on this website, you will find like minded people who can all offer support in some ways. It’s easy to open up here and to seek for help.

Also, there are many support groups outside of the internet, in real life. In these groups you can talk openly, get inspiration and a lot of support.

Writing things down helped me a lot in and throught my crisis. A lot of stuff that I wrote down still helps me as a reminder where not to go again. Also, simpliy the fact of writing your issues down, brings a lot of awareness and with this comes healing. You don’t need to do much, just write.

At some point, if things get too difficult, it’s a good idea to seek for psychological help. There are many specaialist out there who can help you finding the deeper core of your crisis and a lot of them also have tools to help you deal with your difficulties.

This is a great tool that has helped both myself and many of the people I have spoken to.

In systemic constellations, the aim is to uncover and heal both present and past entanglements in our close personal circle. This is done in a small group, by selecting people who represent certain people in your personal circle. After placing these people intuitively at certain points, these people will communicate what they feel and think in their respective position. They thus speak as avatars for the people they represent. In this way deep systemic entanglements can be discovered and then should end in forgiveness, because forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools of all.

You will develop a deeper understanding of certain emotions, reactions and their cause. Recognizing and understanding our entanglements is a huge step on the path to healing and growth.

Meditation is a great tool to inner balance. They say that you should at least meditate 20 minutes per day, except if you have no time, then you should meditate a full hour. 🙂

The positive effects of meditation are scientifically proved and there is no more doubt about the great impact of meditation on our lives. Consciously calming ourselves down and relaxing in this hectic life is supporting us on all levels. Relaxing, slowing down our thoughts, enjoying every breath, while not doing anything, is such a great and peaceful experience that will positively influence your life in many ways.

Nature, especially the forests are among the greatest healers of all. The effect of longer stays in forests are also scientifically proven. The plants of the forest are releasing so-called phytocytes, which we absorb through our respiratory system, which leads to an immediate reduction of stress hormones.

In the hardest times of my own crises I spent a huge amount of time in forest. At the worst time of my own crisis, I spent every single day between 1 and 2 hours in the forest. This always gave me peace and strength, so I felt a little better every day.

When in a midlife-crisis, we are in a vulnerable position and many are longing for help. Fortunately, there are many people out there, with best intentions and the will to support in a good way. However, there are also some that will try to take advantage of your situation and to primarily have their own needs fulfilled. So it’s always good to be a little critical to any kind of offer that you want to take. Ask others, ask for recommendations and check carefully before you decide. And in all this, don’t loose your trust!

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