Why Midlife-Chance?

Need for exchange in crises, inspired by my own needs

Midlife-Chance was inspired by my own needs, which I experienced in my midlife crisis and other change processes at different points in my own life. A big help in all these changes, were understanding people around me that I could to talk to about my issues. I learned that people with similar experiences and a willingness to share those experiences with me, were of greatest help to me.

Many life changes don’t come at the same time, a certain age. Yes, puberty is quite good to put in a time frame. And the rest? Pregnancy, becoming parents, loss of job or the loss of a loved one as well as the many personal changes of ours spread throughout our whole life. Some do actually experience a midlife crisis more than once, so we can sometimes speak of double or triple midlife-crisis. When these changes knock on our door, it often happens that the people around us do not really understand what is going on with us, because they themselves are in a very different place in their lives. In this particular field, my usual social environment at the time was relatively worthless in many situations. I have also learned that it is very difficult for many people to ask for help from family or friends if they are going through hard times. So many people are carrying their crisis all by themselves.

Based on these experiences, the seed for Midlife-Chance was sown. Through Midlife-Chance, I am providing a platform to share experiences with people in the same situation or who have already experienced similar situations.

Midlife-Chance provides exchange and support for people in their individual situation. Midlife-Chance is by no means intended as a substitute for professional medical care, psychotherapy or psychological care.

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