First-Aid in Midlife-Crisis

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Keep calm – you are not alone

So maybe you are here, because you already are in your Midlife-Crisis. Or you just want to get information about it, before you get into that. So welcome to the club!

You are the creator of your life!

Please keep in mind: You’re not a victim of the circumstances but the creator of your life! This crisis gives you the chance to rethink your life, if necessary realign, or to create it entirely new. This way you can ripen through this crisis, make you stronger and much happier.

We have put together some “first-aid” approaches that we have developed from several conversations with people who have experienced this crisis. The overriding principle is, in our opinion, not to make any rash decisions. Take your time and think calmly about everything. You spend so much time in your “old” life, so that a little more does not really matter. It makes sense to make all decisions from the heart, but always ask the head to join in to give you positive support.

The following can help you to use your crisis to obtain the best for you and your life.

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  • Again, no rash decisions!
  • If you have a partner, talk with him/her about what is going on with you.
  • Talk to somebody you trust and who has already gone through this phase. People who know the subject only in theory, might not inspire you and might not be able to support you.
  • Reveal yourself. Admit towards yourself and others that you are in a crisis.
  • Take time for yourself and procure yourself with enough quiet time.
  • Meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. This way you can increase your wellbeing quickly. It is now scientifically proven that already after eight weeks of frequently meditation your immune system will be strengthened and your body reduces the production of stress hormones.
  • Spend as much time as possible in nature, not only moving, but also sitting in silence. You’ll find strength, get grounded and possibly answers there.
  • Think about what you have achieved so far and what out of that is it really important to you.
  • Check old conditionings and find out what it is still valid for you and what you can throw away. Throw away the things that do not serve you anymore!
  • Take small steps! Don’t listen to people who say that you need a plan or that you need a big goal to work towards.
  • Take some time to figure out what your next step in life should look like. If you have a hard time finding anything, take your time, slow down and feel into your inner being. How do you feel in this moment? What are you missing in this moment? Care for you!
  • Make a list of what is important for you in your life. Arrange the list according to priorities. If you have a partner, talk about this list with him/her and begin to implement the points in the order of their priorities.

Consider professional help

If you conclude that the above mentioned things won’t get you any further, that you turn in circles, or if the above mentioned things do not make any sense to you, you might want to consider to consult a specialist who is experienced in this topic. It can also be helpful to join one of the many self-help groups, because often it helps to have an exchange with people who are in the same situation. Please also feel free to post something in our groups.

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